Forever Faithful FAQ

In the past, I paid my national obligations to my local alumnae chapter. Why did you change that process?

Over the past several years, we’ve observed that less than 4% of living alumnae have been involved in a local alumnae chapter. As a result, less than 4% of living alumnae were involved in directly supporting the Fraternity. By separating local engagement from national engagement, we’ve nearly doubled our involvement in one year and have provided our members the opportunity to completely customize their alumnae experience. Additionally, this change has allowed alumnae chapters and the national organization to streamline dues processing to ensure more accurate reporting.




Am I still required to pay local dues?

Our hope is that members will continue to be involved on a local level. However, all alumnae engagement and involvement is optional but encouraged, and at the member’s discretion. If you are interested in joining a local alumnae chapter, please visit the Chapter Locator.

Do I still owe Founders’ Day Pennies if I pay the $20 Forever Faithful dues?

The Founders Day Pennies (one penny for each year since we were founded) are included in the $20 Forever Faithful dues payment.

I paid my lifetime member dues. Why am I receiving this letter?

At the 1962 National Convention, members were given the option to pay lifetime member dues. For at least the next 20 years, the fee was collected from collegians and alumnae alike. The current initiation fee each collegian pays covers all lifetime membership obligations. The alumnae dues outlined in this letter are optional national obligation fees. The national obligation fees fund expansion at prestigious universities and colleges, the award-winning Aglaia magazine and various training and leadership development opportunities for alumnae and collegians.