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National Ritual Celebration Week

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What is national ritual celebration week?
Phi Mu Fraternity invites all interfraternal Greek organizations and campuses with a fraternity/sorority community to join Phi Mu by participating in the sixth annual National Ritual Celebration Week, March 6 - 12, 2016. The week will once again include the National Panhellenic Conference's on International Badge Day Monday, March 7, 2016.

This website will continue to be a resource for all inter/national Greek organizations that would like ritual programming. Feel free to continue to use any or all of the provided materials outside of National Ritual Celebration week to:

  • Create activities and discussions that will encourage your members to reflect on why fraternities/sororities have rituals
  • Reflect on why fraternities and sororities were founded
  • Explore what it means to live by one's ritual
  • Learn how to celebrate being a part of an interfraternal community
  • Discuss what being a member of an organization with a ritual means.

To learn more about how National Ritual Week was created, Click Here

Mark your calendar to celebrate Ritual in March!

National Ritual Celebration Week 2016
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These resources have been created by Phi Mu Fraternity, other inter/national Greek organizations and  individuals in the interfraternal community. The files can be used as-is or edited for your organization. If your organization does participate, please send pictures to 

Each file is listed individually below and will open in Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader.

How Did You Celebrate?
Click Here to share how your chapter, council or fraternity/sorority community celebration Ritual.

Program Materials & Graphics

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  • Facebook Posts - can be used for marketing and public relations during National Ritual Celebration Week
These articles can be shared and discussed with the chapter as a group or emailed to members to read on their own time. Activities/Programs - Fraternity/Sorority Councils and/or Communities
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Activities/Programs - Interfraternal Partners

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