Ever since our founding as the Philomathean Literary Society, Phi Mu Fraternity has remained committed to helping members succeed both in and outside the classroom. One resource, provided since 2014, that assists members with their academics is “Phi Mu University.” This program officers a comprehensive approach to studying, with the goal of academic success in school which will then lead to professional success after college.

Phi Mu University has online course-specific assistance, which has grown from 26 courses to now 39 – with the new courses added after feedback from members requested them. The program supports members at all levels of academic progress and focus of study.

The content-specific material comes through a partnership with StudyEdge. Video tutorials and practice materials are provided in subjects that were researched as historically difficult. This program is free of charge to members. Additionally, Phi Mus have access to a Tutor Matching Service, a website that connects students to tutors from across the country.

Phi Mu University also includes an introspective assessment, the Academic Profiler, for collegians looking to improve their academic standing. Research shows that academic success hingest on a student’s ability to manage her time, stay organized, apply study skills, maintain motivation and manage stress. The Academic Profiler addresses these qualities and connects members to resources in areas that are indentified in which they may benefit from additional support.

Phi Mu University is centered on the whole student, ensuing that our members are aware of their habits and practices that affect their academic success and support them in their college work.

The Fraternity is proud of our members’ academic achievements and committed to continuing to assist them in their endeavors!