Chapter Consultant

The Chapter Consultant experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is invaluable to the participant. Travel to various campuses throughout the United States provides the opportunity to visit exciting locations, meet and work with the Fraternity’s leadership and challenge yourself. Phi Mu’s Headquarters staff provides training specialized for the Chapter Consultant in leadership development, recruitment preparation and execution, financial responsibility and chapter operations. Consultants gain valuable professional skills and social finesse that increase future educational and career opportunities. The transferable skills a Consultant gains are impressive to potential employers and graduate schools. Consultants may be assigned to as many as 30 chapters, or may live as a resident consultant at a new Phi Mu chapter and travel to up to 10 chapters within the region.

Job Description and Expectations

1. Member of the Headquarters staff who also works directly with Area Officers.
2. Works directly with Collegiate Relations Coordinators to assist chapters.
3. Maintains internal relationship with collegiate chapter officers, Advisers, and Headquarters staff.
4. Maintains external relationships with deans of students, Panhellenic, Fraternity, Sorority advisors, and other university administrators.

Position Responsibilities
Overall responsibility is to maintain an ongoing relationship with each assigned chapter and associated area officers through verbal and written communication and visits in order to direct and guide chapters throughout the academic year in all areas of membership, operations and finance.

1. Works approximately nine months, from mid-July to mid-April.
2. Attends all training sessions in their entirety.
3. Educates and trains chapter officers and Advisers in the areas of marketing and membership building, general operations, management, interpersonal skills, leadership, member interaction, motivation, crisis intervention and risk management.
4. Conducts leadership workshops for collegians and possibly entire campuses.
5. Visits chapters to assess all areas of operation. Develops an action plan and establishes goals, then continues to monitor progress throughout the entire academic year.
6. Advises and assists with membership recruitment/marketing plans. Monitors membership statistics on a weekly basis and guides chapters toward meeting membership goals.
7. Records and communicates, through written reports, all findings and goals set during each chapter visit to Area and National Officers, as well as submits a follow-up report to the chapter.
8. Meets with campus administrators, student leaders, panhellenic council, fraternity/sorority advisor and other groups to assist with chapter and campus assessment.
9. Upholds the policies and procedures of Phi Mu Fraternity.

1. Files all visit reports to the National Headquarters within two weeks of departing a chapter.
2. Evaluates and makes recommendations to Area Officers for chapter needs.
3. Communicates verbally and in writing with chapter members, Area Officers, National Officers, fraternity/sorority advisor, etc.
4. Serves as a representative of the Fraternity.
5. Assists chapters in developing programs to meet their needs in membership, operations, and finance.
6. Assists chapters with developing or utilizing new resources for programming and leadership.
7. Serves as a motivator to chapters to strive for excellence.
8. Identifies chapter concerns or problems and assists with solutions.
9. Files a monthly expense report with the National Headquarters.

Compensation and Benefits
• Paid from mid-July to mid-April
• Health and dental insurance (75% coverage)
• Provided cell phone stipend for duration of employment
• Provided laptop stipend for duration of employment
• Holidays at Thanksgiving and winter break

Applications are due on December 1, 2019 and are available here. Please direct all questions to Abby Elrod, Alpha Iota, Consultant Leadership Specialist, at