2018-2020 National Council

National Council is composed of dedicated volunteers who are elected or appointed to serve the Fraternity on its governing board. Our current members of National Council represent a variety of collegiate chapters, regions of the country and professions. Click on the names below to learn more about each National Council member.

Andie Kash, Delta Eta
Georgetown College
National President

Jennifer Hobaugh Johnson, Gamma Alpha
The College of William & Mary
Vice President

Lynn Storlien McGraw, Zeta Sigma
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Vice President

Dr. Jeanne Bowman Persuit, Beta Mu
The Pennsylvania State University
Vice President

Beth Reisinger, Phi Gamma
University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Vice President

Jessica Oswald, Gamma Mu
Western Carolina University
Vice President

Denise McDermott, Beta Eta
Miami University
Vice President

Frances Mitchelson, Alpha Rho
University of Louisiana at Monroe
National Panhellenic Conference Delegate

Left to Right:  Vice President Lynn McGraw, Vice President Jessica Oswald, Vice President Jan Johnson, National President Andie Kash , Vice President Jeanne Persuit, National Panhellenic Conference Delegate Frances Mitchelson, Vice President Denise McDermott and Vice President Beth Reisinger.