There are numerous opportunities to lead and serve within Phi Mu. We want you to be prepared for them all. We use events, chapter programming, online systems such as our Leadership Center and alumnae-led mentoring to help you along the way.




Cocktails & Conversation

Phi Mu is thrilled to host events designed just for alumnae called Cocktails & Conversation. If you’re a Phi Mu alumna, these events are for you.Throughout the year, Phi Mu Fraternity will host events at dynamic venues all across the nation. We are bringing post-collegiate Phi Mu women of all ages together for an inspiring night of, you guessed it, Cocktails & Conversation.


National Convention

Phi Mu holds a national convention every two years. The event is equal parts celebration, education and inspiration. It’s an opportunity for collegiate and alumnae members to participate in training workshops and to network with Phi Mus from across the country. You’ll want to be part of it! Each attendee finds this to be a time of renewal and a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the Fraternity. The 2016 National Convention will take place in Chicago, Illinois July 5-9.


National Hazing Prevention Week

National Hazing Prevention Week is an opportunity for campuses, schools, communities, organizations and individuals to raise awareness about the problem of hazing, education others about hazing, and promote the prevention of hazing. HazingPrevention.Org™ is the organizer of National Hazing Prevention Week. Each year, Phi Mu leads a campaign to address the issue of hazing and how the Fraternity has a zero tolerance policy for hazing.


National Ritual Celebration Week

National Ritual Celebration Week raises awareness of the importance of ritual and allows members to reflect personally on our ritual and embrace the ritual of other interfraternal organizations. Through activities and discussions, members will reflect on why Phi Mu was founded, why fraternities/sororities have rituals, what it means to live by one’s ritual, celebrate the interfraternal community and what being a member of an organization with a ritual means to them personally.


National Philanthropy Day

In 1999, Phi Mu was the first Greek-letter organization to introduce a nationwide “hands-on” day of service. National Philanthropy Day encourages members to live the Creed and give back to their community. By participating in National Philanthropy Day, collegians and alumnae immerse themselves in their communities, develop a sense of personal responsibility and identify ways to be involved in their local community. Service is defined as a contribution to the welfare of others or doing something voluntarily for someone else without expectation of receiving something in return. Phi Mu encourages our members to serve but also to reflect upon their experiences and discuss with others what they have learned. Phi Mus can make the world a better place by contributing their energy and skills to a cause in their local community.


Officer Academy

The inaugural Phi Mu Officer Academy took place throughout the weekend of Feb. 26-28. Six Executive Committee members from every collegiate chapter attended the training: President; Vice President; Treasurer; Membership Director; Phi Director and Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention. The programs were facilitated by Phi Mu staff and experienced volunteer officers and provided office-specific education as well as an opportunity for chapters to share their best practices. The topics covered were strategically planned to best equip these important chapter leaders with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to be successful. This was the largest-ever Phi Mu event with over 900 total attendees! The 2016 Phi Mu Officer Academy took place in Atlanta, Ga.


Phi Mu Leadership Institute

The Phi Mu Leadership Institute provides an opportunity for Phi Mu collegians, from every chapter, to come together for a 4-day leadership program to enhance their leadership skills. The program begins with a focus on the self, transitions to a focus on group self and others, and concludes with a focus on change. The overarching theme of the Institute is “investment” and helping participants understand the importance of investing in themselves, their chapter, the Fraternity and their communities. The Institute includes team building exercises that all have a deeper meaning of examining interpersonal relationships and leadership skills. In addition to the curriculum offers, Kouzes and Posner’s Student Leadership Practices Inventory assessment is covered to allow participants to better understand both their own strengths and to examine their skills in working with others.


The Radiance Program

The Radiance Program is Phi Mu’s leadership programming framework. These member-led program includes interactive activities, small group dialogue and self-reflection. Radiance aims to provide a balanced educational experience for members in the areas of sisterhood, character, knowledge and service. Through a chapter meeting structure, the member development program empowers women to enhance leadership skills, start conversations that matter and identify strategies to create positive change. The Radiance Program allows chapters the flexibility to select topics that meet the developmental needs of its members and are relevant to the chapter. Phi Mu is preparing women to be engaged citizens in an ever changing world.


Phi Mu University

Phi Mu University encompasses content-specific information along with an introspective assessment for our members to improve their academic standing in their core classes. Through Phi Mu University, videos and practice materials are provided in 25 subject areas that StudyEdge has identified as historically difficult. Phi Mus will have access to a Tutor Matching Service. The online Tutor Matching Service guarantees the carefully-screened tutors’ services. Each collegiate Phi Mu is provided with a credit to use toward a tutoring session.

Phi Mu Night Out

Celebrate the amazing women of our Phi Mu sisterhood with a night out! It is a night to simply celebrate being a Phi Mu for a lifetime. The idea of Phi Mu Night Out is simple – grab a sister and do something fun – have dinner, watch a movie, go to an alumnae chapter event, have a play date with your kids, catch a basketball game with your chapter association, or even go for a run. Do anything…just do it with a sister.