Phi Mu Alumna Initiation: A Special Privilege

Membership in Phi Mu is not restricted to those who pledged and were initiated in college. Any initiated Phi Mu in good standing may recommend a woman for membership into the bond of Phi Mu. She may be initiated by a collegiate chapter in her area, at the installation of a new Phi Mu chapter, at the National Convention or, in extenuating circumstances, at another location approved by National Council. The following guidelines and procedures apply.

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Deadlines for Submission (effective 3/29/2018) :

Fall (to be initiated September-February): August 15th

Spring (to be initiated March- May): February 15th

Summer ( to be initiated at Convention): May 15th



What Procedures Must Be Followed for Alumna Initiation?

A prospective Phi Mu alumna initiate should be well acquainted with the meaning and responsibilities of Phi Mu membership. For this reason, and because of the time period needed to secure the approval of the appropriate officers, applications will only be reviewed three times a year.  Please ensure the Application for Alumna Initiation is submitted with the Phi Mu National Headquarters on or before the date that best applies for the initiation.


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The following procedures must be followed:

  1. An initiated Phi Mu, alumna or collegiate, in good standing, wishing to nominate a woman for alumna initiation should complete the online Alumna Initiation application. The application includes information about the candidate and the Phi Mu sponsor.
  2. Once the application is completed, it will be processed by the alumnae department at the National Headquarters.
  3. If the application cannot be submitted to the National Headquarters eight weeks prior to a previously scheduled Initiation, it should be held for the following Initiation.
  4. The Application for Alumna Initiation must be completed in full and approved unanimously by the National Executive Committee.
  5. Once the approval is made, a letter of approval of the application will be sent to the alumna initiate candidate by the alumnae department staff member. The alumnae department will also contact the collegiate chapter and alumnae chapter closest to the prospective alumna initiate’s home to help coordinate her Initiation. This notification will serve as the official invitation to membership.
  6. Each alumna initiate must submit her Initiation dues of $270 which includes her Initiation dues, her membership certificate, and first year of Forever Faithful dues.
  7. An alumna initiate is also required to purchase a Phi Mu badge. She can purchase a new badge online at Prices vary; they are listed online during the ordering process.
  8. After Initiation, an alumna initiate is required to join an alumnae chapter or the Forever Faithful program. Alumnae chapter dues vary by chapter; Forever Faithful dues are $20 per year. Information about both programs may be obtained by contacting the alumnae department at the National Headquarters or on the Fraternity website.
  9. The Phi Mu sponsor nominating the candidate, or her approved designee, should orient the alumna initiate to Phi Mu using materials provided, ensuring the candidate will be well versed prior to her Initiation. Under no circumstances may an alumna initiate participate in a collegiate chapter Phi program. For alumna initiates, the sponsor provides information and support that collegiate members receive from their Phi director.
  10. Initiation service arrangements should be coordinated with the alumnae department and finalized with the collegiate chapter. If the Initiation is to occur at a National Convention, installation of a new chapter or another approved location, an alumnae department staff member will serve as the contact person for details.
  11. If an alumnae chapter requests special consideration from the National Council to conduct an alumna Initiation (separate and apart from a collegiate chapter Initiation, a collegiate chapter installation or a National Convention) the alumnae chapter is required to assume all expenses to perform the Initiation. These expenses would include travel, lodging and meals to fund the National Ritual Chairman and/or a representative appointed by the National Council to conduct the Initiation. The alumnae chapter is responsible for securing a suitable site, providing required materials and paying for shipping of Ritual equipment, etc. This special consideration is provided only for those alumnae chapters and individuals who, by reason of location, cannot participate in an Initiation Service as stated in the Phi Mu Fraternity Constitution and Bylaws.
  12. Alumna initiate applications are valid for one year from date of approval.

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