Reconnect with Phi Mu!

Phi Mu Fraternity offers a lifetime of friendship. And while each of us may have had a different college experience, we share a bond of sisterhood and believe in the ideals of our Creed: love, honor and truth. Perhaps you’ve come here to reconnect with a sister or simply to catch up on our Fraternity’s progress. You’re in for a treat and may be surprised to find how easy it is to catch up and connect!

Many of our members continue an active relationship with one another through their time as an officer or volunteer. Many others connect through our private social network or alumnae chapters and associations.

Each contributes to the continued success of Phi Mu Fraternity. Here’s how:

Connect with Us

For current Fraternity news or to connect professionally with your Phi Mu sisters, visit one of our social media connections:

Update Your Information

Are you a Phi Mu lost alumnae? If you no longer receive The Aglaia magazine each fall, then we do not have a current address for you. We would love to reconnect and keep you in the loop on the achievements of your Phi Mu sisters and Phi Mu events in your area.

If you have never created an account with us, we ask that you claim your account here.  If you need to update your information in My Phi Mu, please log into your account and click on the “Update your member details” at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, please take a few minutes to review the Lost Alumnae List HERE to help us get back in touch with our Phi Mu sisters. If you have questions, feel free to email the alumnae department at

Alumnae Chapters

Phi Mu is for a lifetime and our alumnae chapters provide a venue for making friends, networking and socializing. Many alumnae say they never dreamed, as a collegian, that they would have so much fun as an alumna. With more than 150 alumnae chapters across the country, there may be an alumnae chapter near you. Alumnae chapters resemble the collegiate chapter formula in terms of programming, philanthropic opportunities, volunteer involvement and social events. If you are not already a member, we hope that you will join an alumnae chapter and begin an entirely new journey in Phi Mu. Click here for a listing of our alumnae chapters. If you don’t find an alumnae chapter near you, contact and help us start a new one!

Chapter Associations

Some members choose to extend their collegiate connections with the women from their original chapter through a chapter association. These groups enable alumnae to stay connected to their college or university, their collegiate chapter and to Phi Mu. The goals of chapter associations are to support the collegiate chapter, stay informed about Phi Mu news and to organize social activities or chapter reunions. Associations use technology to connect alumnae near and far. To find out if your chapter has a chapter association, click here, or contact for information on starting a chapter association for your chapter.

Volunteering Opportunities

As collegians, we made a lifetime commitment to Phi Mu. There is no better way to fulfill this promise than by giving back to our Fraternity. Whether you can give a little or a lot of time, the contribution of your talents and life experiences can enrich the lives of our collegiate and alumnae members. Opportunities may include participating as a team member on a one-time project, serving as a collegiate chapter adviser or an alumnae chapter officer and being appointed as an area or national officer. Click here to view all available volunteer opportunities at this time. If you have any questions, please email Thank you!

Phi Mu Worldwide

Sisters who participate in Phi Mu Worldwide can continue their lifelong commitment to Phi Mu while living outside of the United States. Members share their experiences living, studying and traveling abroad while remaining connected to our sisterhood. All initiated members are welcome to participate and receive seasonal Phi Mu updates by registering here. Members can connect with other international alumnae on Facebook here