Recommend a Member to Phi Mu

Phi Mu alumnae have an opportunity to recommend other vibrant women to join Phi Mu’s bond of sisterhood through formal recruitment at a college or university with a collegiate chapter. If you know outstanding women that have leadership potential, shared values and exemplify our founders’ ideals of love, honor and truth, you’re invited to recommend them for membership into the Fraternity!

Accessing a Reference Form or Legacy Introduction Form

In order to recommend a potential new member or introduce a legacy, log into your My Phi Mu Account to download, print, complete and submit the form electronically.


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Log in and complete the Online Reference Form or Legacy Introduction Form. By Completing the form to the best of your ability, you’ll be able to highlight all of the valuable information a chapter needs to know about a potential new member.




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FAQ About Recommending a Potential New Member

What is a Reference Form?

A reference form is an organized way of introducing a potential new member (PNM) and providing helpful information to a collegiate chapter during the recruitment process. Reference forms are completed and submitted by Phi Mu alumnae, alumnae chapters or collegians who are in good standing with the Fraternity. Only Phi Mu members in good standing can recommend a PNM.

What does Being a Legacy mean?

Legacy Policy: Phi Mu defines a legacy as a sister, half-sister, step-sister, daughter, step-daughter, granddaughter, or great-granddaughter of a Phi Mu in good standing with the Fraternity. When filling out an online reference form, specific questions will be asked to verify a legacy.

When is the Deadline to Submit a Reference Form?

Recruitment dates vary for each of our collegiate chapters. Please contact the Student Life office of the University in which the Potential New Member will be attending for exact deadlines.

Does My Recommendation Guarantee an Invitation for Membership?

Membership selection is ultimately the privilege and the responsibility of each collegiate chapter. A reference letter, a letter of recommendation or a women’s legacy status does not guarantee an invitation to membership.

I don’t know a Phi Mu but want a recommendation. Can I connect with a Phi Mu alumna to be considered for a reference?

CLICK HERE to access our chapter locator and find an alumnae chapter near you.

Have Additional Questions?

Contact Phi Mu National Headquarters at 770-632-2090 or email